Customer Success Management: Delivering Value through Experiences

Advice and deliver value.
  1. Content Marketing Certification: knowledge on strategic marketing and business processes that focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content. The goal: to attract and retain an audience to drive profitable customer action.
  2. Email Marketing Certification: knowledge on mobile optimized and mobile friendly campaigns, understanding of the significance of segmentation, using the power of personalization, and data-driven analysis and optimization of campaigns. The goal: Deliver relevant and actionable messages depending on the lifecycle of the customer.
  3. Inbound Marketing Certification: Learning the inbound methodology, best practices and how to empower potential customers by giving value and drawing people to take action.
  4. Inbound Sales Certification: The goal was to match the way people buy. Focus on the buyer, not the seller. Personalize the buyer’s experience based on how they are interacting with your business and their specific problem journey.
  5. Growth-Driven Design Certification: Learning the smarter approach to processes and web design based on activities that have a bigger impact, processes to reduce the amount of money investment, to reduce the activities out of scope, and user understanding/learning from your users to develop.
Delivering Value through Experiences.

Delivering Value through Experiences

For the next 3 years Customer Success was going to become my muscle. My objective was to help physicians that came to Nimbo X find the tools they needed to execute their job, to advise them on how to improve their clinical practice management (this one was really though), and help them deliver a better experience and treatment for their patients. It was simple, but impactful.

  1. Started to classify users on buckets based on: their job to be done, their readiness to explore and level of usage of the product, the lifecycle in which they were, and how much hand-holding they would require to see value.
  2. Based on the buckets, I designed specific if-then paths of work so that the experience they were having matched their expectations and what they needed to advance in their journey.
  3. I distributed strategically my contacts: phone calls where to obtain information and gain commitment, email and in-app became my channels for delivering value through content, and started to have meetings to follow up on those commitments.
  4. Before each reach out to a user I started to review they’re usage and engagement metrics. This gave me an idea of how the conversation could go, what they needed to move on to a next step, if they were going to bounce or on their way to engagement, and what tactics to use so that I could either boost their experience or improve their engagement. Definitely hubspot CRM helped me with the hundreds of follow up tasks and intercom & mixpanel for the usage and engagement metrics.
  1. We understood the happy path of users to become engage, when in the free trial they could drop, and what was the functionalities that they really needed once they started using Nimbo X
  2. We understood the ideal onboarding time and number of interactions for them to become engaged
  3. We understood the health metrics that mattered for engagement
  4. We now had a full picture of their journey: why they were coming, the Jobs to be done, the specialties, how to interact with them, what type of content they like, what messages resonate with their goals, and which channels of communication were working
This book has excellent findings, insights and strategies that you can use.

Less days, more subscriptions

Decreasing the days between sign up to paid account, and increasing the frequency of new paid accounts weekly. So we had the signals, we understood the journey, we know how to use our communication channels, and we had the content and messages. As a person I have a limited capacity of time, resources and tasks that I can cover. By this time I had 3 big jobs:

  1. Customer support: chat & email conversations, phone conversations, site visits, and solving this issues (with the help of Product and Development, who always delivered a wow solution).
  2. Product & Development: create a data base of input & feedback from users for valuable insights on functionality, usability & interfase design, documenting issues and new requirements from users directly on GitHub & Airtable, assessing & testing new functionality with the users, creating a feedback loop with product and development through research & experimentation with beta groups.
  3. Customer Success Manager: onboarding of new users, tracking & measuring success, post churn follow up & customer retention initiatives, customer care.
  1. Unbounce and come back.
  2. Ready to convert.
  3. Resonate with the content we provided.
  4. Take the steps that made them see and feel the value of Nimbo X.
Strategies and tactics to accelerate growth.



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