Predictable Revenue Professional

Predictable Revenue best practices workshop at Ecaresoft.
  1. People: their teams, and the community they serve;
  2. Their talent: what they are creating and the potential of the community;
  3. And the purpose for which they are working.
  1. Featured on Mexico Business Health Review: Why Should I Implement New Technologies in My Health Company? (spanish version here)
  2. Algen Solutions: scalling a new technology business
  3. Ecaresoft & Nimbo: how we grew and scaled a business from zero to hero
  4. Yell App: eSports project, a story about product creation & finding product market fit
  5. PawBasket: how to kick start a side hustle with low budget
  6. Quetzalkan: My consulting side hustle focused on helping SMB’s find a predictable revenue formula
Work form anywhere, that’s the goal.
The first sales team. I remember them fondly.



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Rodolfo Resines

Rodolfo Resines


I am dedicated to helping people and organizations achieve their financial goals so they can invest in their talents & passions, in people, and on their purpose